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Reasons your dog's tail will wag


Freddie and Febee source and use top quality fabrics in our dog wear.  Where possible the coats are made from Natural fibres.


All of Freddie and Febee's garments are individually hand crafted, from the logos to the final button.


At Freddie and Febee, we make sure our dog coats are designed for health and comfort.  Warmth and well-being before fashion.

The Freddie and Febee philosophy

The Freddie and Febee brand puts your dog's comfort and well being first.

Although our dog coats are super classy, stylish, and made of the highest quality fabrics, we believe that they must above all else provide maximum comfort when worn and help your dog maintain a healthy body temperature in all weather conditions.

What people have to say about Freddie and Febee dog coats

"...Around midday Lola became quite lethargic and was hot to touch despite being indoors with the fan going.

I was becoming very concerned for her and then remembered the cooling coat I had purchased a few weeks earlier from you at the market..."

See how the Freddie and Febee Cooling Coat helped Lola recover and other stories.

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