Our story - Freddie and Febee

I am a dressmaker by trade, I have a passion for design and a love of Natural Fabrics, and the properties that make them beautiful to sew and wear.

A number of years ago I was asked to make a full body compression suit for a beautiful English Pointer that was suffering from the effects of long term environmental allergies. Conventional veterinary treatments were struggling to control the situation.
I designed, constructed and fitted a step in body suit made from a firm cotton lycra. I’m delighted to say the improvement was immense and rapid and the use of these suits allowed the dog to enjoy living again.

Forward ten years and two toy poodle cross dogs of my own, both of whom felt the extremes of weather. This brought about the need to design and construct several ranges of dog wear, which catered for their health and wellbeing.

By using predominately natural fabrics, of beautiful quality, we have expanded and created a boutique range of stunning dog coats, made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit.

By taking the time to take three simple measurements (see our measuring chart) we can ensure a correct fit and maximum comfort for your precious dog, at no extra charge.
Each garment is professionally handcrafted from the logos to the final button.

  •  Merino coats, reversible for the utmost in comfort, style, class and luxury.
  • Rainwear that is totally waterproof and light, but with luxurious merino fleece lining for added comfort and warmth.
  •  Cooling coats which help to prevent heat stress and allow dogs to safely walk and play even in the middle of summer.

The Freddie and Febee philosophy

The Freddie and Febee brand puts your dog's comfort and well being first.

Although our dog coats are super classy, stylish, and made of the highest quality fabrics, we believe that they must above all else provide maximum comfort when worn and help your dog maintain a healthy body temperature in all weather conditions.

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