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Freddie and Febee rain coats

The original Freddie & Febee rain coats for water resistance and warmth


These beautiful, soft, waterproof, breathable rain coats, will keep your dog dry and comfortable on those long wet winter walks without noise or stiffness to impede their pleasure. These raincoats are lined with luxurious merino fleece.

All of these coats come in slim, standard and wide fittings. Not all dogs are the same, so at Freddie and Febee you can have a dog coat custom made. We can make for the smallest puppy to the longest greyhound. Pricing will remain the same as the nearest length purchased.

Please refer to the measuring chart for instructions on how to measure your dog.

Why the Freddie and Febee rain coat is dog's best friend


Freddie and Febee source and use waterproof fabrics for our dog rain coats. Keep your fuzzy friends dry!


At Freddie and Febee, we use breathable fabrics to ensure things stay comfortable and scent free.


Warmth and well-being before fashion. That said, we've made sure they look amazing anyway!



Freddie and Febee source and use top quality fabrics in our dog wear.

Hand Crafted

All of our garments at Freddie and Febee are individually hand crafted, from the logos to the final button.


Freddie and Febee's dog coats are designed for your dog's health and comfort.

Free Delivery

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otherwise we will email you a delivery date. 

Guarantee and returns

 We appreciate your business and if your goods are faulty, these can be replaced within 30 days.*

We will exchange if the wrong size ordered, as long it's in it's new condition*.

*Customer to pay additional postage. Replacement delivery at owners expense