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Success stories

What people have to say about Freddie and Febee dog coats

Helen & Lola - Paraparaumu Beach


"The Freddie and Febee Cooling Coat was instrumental in lowering the body temperature of my little Maltese X Lola, A few weeks ago Lola became ill (suspected food poisoning) on a hot and humid day. Unfortunately, the vet could not see Lola until late afternoon. Around midday Lola became quite lethargic and was hot to touch despite being indoors with the fan going.

I was becoming very concerned for her and then remembered the cooling coat I had purchased a few weeks earlier from you at the market.

I activated the coat and put it on Lola and after 30 mins of wearing the coat Lola became more responsive and drank some water – I was very relieved. At the vet appointment later in the day Lola’s body temperature was only slightly elevated and the vet attributed this to having used the cooling coat on Lola.

Lola has now made a full recovery.

While we haven’t had the hot dry summer we have had in previous years, the Freddie and Febee Cooling Coat has proven it’s usefulness as a first aid treatment for Lola."

Allison, Poppy and Taz - The Grooming Shed


"I am a local dog groomer. Lynette from Freddy & Febee makes amazing dog jackets that I sell in my grooming shed.
The reason I do well selling them is that my two fur babies, Poppy & Taz wear their jackets to our local market.

Not a Saturday goes by without people stopping me and asking where I got my cute jackets from.

They wear well, are warm, cosy & repel water which is even better. I love the cute little dog detail she puts on her warm winter ones and eye catching colours.
I can recommend these jackets highly."

Sassy-Rose and Honey-Bell

Kris, Sassy Rose and Honey-Bell

"We love the rain coats you made for us - thank you! They're the best we've found for our 'hard to fit' size dogs."

Baz and Bella

Vicki, Baz and Bella

"Baz and Bella love there cooling coats when walking on a warm day, they no longer have there tongues hanging out a mile long! They also wear them while doing canine friends at the Resthome as it is so warm inside the coats keep them from overheating.
Fantastic coats thanks Lynette"

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